Twin or Triple  Italian Granita  Machine
12 litre per bowl

Choose any base mixers from our large range of flavours

We also have a range of  *All Natural 99% Juice base mixes
so mums and dads can choose the healthier option for the children

Alcohol may be added to make your favourite cocktails
(alcohol not supplied)

Hire price includes delivery, setup of machine, pickup and cleaning
so you dont have to worry about the morning after

Free delivery within 15 km of Joondalup

* 99% natural juice will incur additional $10 per bowl charge

Frozen Cocktail / Slushie Machines
For something different on hot summers nights.
Why not hire the machine for the childrens party in the day then turn it into a Cocktail machine in the evening for all your adult guests

For best results allow 3 hours to freeze
Triple bowl slushie 3 x 12 litres
Choice of 3 base mixes
*Please let us know if stairs are involved when you hire this equipment*
Flavours Available

Lemon & Lime
Peach Passion
Blue Lemonade
Also Available
All natural 99% Juice

Extra flavours may be purchased at a cost of $20 per 10 litre

Machine must be set up on a sturdy table
(not glass or thin plastic)

A table can be supplied on request at a cost of $10.00

Twin bowl slushie 2 x 12 litres
Choice of 2 base mixes
Grape Tingle
Blue Lagoon
Orange, Pineapple & Honeydew Melon
add 700ml Vodka + 500ml Midori

Tropical Sunset
Sun & Surf       

Banana Blast
Peach Splash      

Orange,  Pineapple & Mango
add 1 litre Vodka

Grape & strawberry
add 700ml Vodka & 500ml Blue Curacao

       Raspberry, Apple, Lemon & Peach
       add 1 litre Vodka

Banana, Pear & Caramel
add 1 litre rum or Vodka  

Peach, Tropical & Pear 
add 1 litre Vodka
Fruit Tingle
Strawberry Daiquiri  
Margarita Mexicana
Watermelon Mai Tai
Blackcurrant, Passionfruit & Mixed Berries
add 700ml Vodka & 500ml Blue Curacao

add 1litre White Rum 

Blue lemonade
add 700ml White Rum & 500ml Blue Curacao

  Bubblegum,  Lemon, Lime & Orange
  add 1 litre of spirit

    Lemon, Lime, Orange & Cranberry
   add 1 litre Vodka

Watermelon,Orange, lemon & lime
  add 1 litre White Rum

Lemon & Lime 
add 1 litre Tequila                                       
Pina Colada      

Pineapple & Coconut 
add 1 litre White Rum
Martini Glasses                          6 x pack                        

Champagne Flutes                   6 x pack                     

Margarita Glasses                     6 x pack

Cups  285ml                             50 x pack                         

Dome Lids                                50 x pack                             

Spoon Straws                        150 x pack               

Disposable Items   $5.00 per pack
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