Available in black, white or check
Perfect for your next party
Interlocking tiles with aluminium safety surround

Each tile is 460mm square with a sparkling fleck to make a beautiful dance floor

Dance floors can only be laid on a flat level surface indoors or out (not grass)

The dance floor has anti-slip protection but may still become slippery when wet
We can custom design your dance floor to create your personalised dance area
for example:  White 18, 21 or 40 etc inserted into the black floor

See below for our prices
All prices quoted are for the hire of the dance floors and include installation

Delivery not included
Length Width Total Area Sqm Guests at Party Dancers 24 hr Hire Charge
2.5m 2.5m 6.25 sqm 40 - 50 15 $130
3.0m 3.0m 9 sqm 60 - 80 20 $180
3.5m 3.5m 12 sqm 90 - 100 30 $240
4.0m 4.0m 16 sqm 120 - 130 40 $320
4.4m 4.4m 19.36 sqm 150 50 $380
4.82m 4.82m 23 sqm 180 60 $460
5.28m 5.28m 28 sqm 210 70 $560
5.74m 5.74m 33 sqm 240 80 $660
How to determine what size floor you need
A good rule of thumb for planning an event: 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.
So if total guest equal 60 you require enough dance floor for 20 dancers etc.
33 square meters is the maximum in one colour but we can make dance floors up to 66 square meters in black & white checker
please call for quote on larger dance floors.
All white perfect wedding dance floor
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